EME 1st Breakfast Encuentro de mujeres exitosas 2/28/2019

Gabriel Vaca GHCC Mercedes Guzman * Inner Child
Sonia Forero ( MG al Aire Radio) – Fabiola Rios (GHC C- EME)- Ish Gayle (EME) – Mercedes Guzman ( Inner Child) Hans Camargo-(Aurora Tapas Lounge Owner) – Anfrea Rivera (EME) – Ana Salazar (EME) – Marcelo Godoy ( MG al Aire Radio)
EME Comité
Luz Stella Amador ( Luz y Salud) Nury Castillo Crawford – EME & 1010 Publishing Company)
Part of EME comité Nury Castillo – Lisa Clarke – Andrea Rivera – Ish Gayle – Diana Chumley
Diana Chumley – Luz Stella Amador – Participante

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